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Hey guys, is there any point using a hop sock for pellets? If there is what micron is needed?
no need... they basically disintergrate in the boil or settle with the yeast in the fermenter...

flowers and plugs on the other hand.... :ph34r:
I use one for my pellets just to help reduce the crap in the kettle at the end of the boil. I use a BIAB bag as my hop sock, but not sure what grade it is sorry...
I've always used one for pellets. A little less trub after the boil and I give it a squeeze when I remove it prior to cubing to get out all the wort.
I only don't bother with one if I'm brewing something like a wheat beer with <15g of hops in the boil. Otherwise at the end of the boil it doesnt form a nice neat cone like hot trub does so you end up wasting too much wort. If you pour it all into your fermenter anyway, with IPA's the hop sludge can end up higher than the tap, which blocks it, and then you're stuffed.
I have a perforated screen in the bottom of my kettle and while it's OK with a mixture of flowers and pellets, I need to use a hop sock for pellets only.
Or else swap the screen for a pickup.

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