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Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what time of year the Australian Amateur homebrew comp is on? I got caught out last year by not having a suitable brew ready but I forget what time of year it was on-or more importantly when the entries had to be in by.

I'd really like to have a crack at entering a few this year. We don't have a Tas state competition (which you need to place in blah, blah, blah to get accepted into the Australian comp) but one of the other guys I brew with organised with the Canberra brewers to allow us to enter in their competition and they judged our states entires for us. I'd just like to know when these comps are and any other comps that are about the place that allow others to enter in.

Thanks in advance.

State & national comps are about October

There is a comp held at Bathurst in April. It is a pretty big, well run comp and is worth entering

Jovial Monk

Who runs the bathust comp? Is there a website?

Cheers - Snow

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