Happynew Year All :)

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Gday All

Would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that everyone is in for a terrific brewing year for 2005...

Tonight i am celbrating the new year at my sisters place in cold Tasmania overlooking the Derwent River....

Next week i am heading to Cascade Brewery in South Hobart for a tour which should be good....

yestday in my travels came across an interesting home brew shop that i havent seen before but i am sure others may have

it wasnt just a normal homebrew shop but it was a place where you could go and brew you own beer on premises (only extract brewing) and once you have brewed they will do the rest for you until it is ready to be bottled which you can either bottle the beer yourself or you can get them to bottle your beer for you...its really more for those t people who live in flats or units where space is minimal or they have wives that dont want there hubby to make a mess at home...anyway i will be going back there early next week and will take pictures of there setup and once i am back in Adelaide i will post the pics of the setup...they do have a website but i have forgotten it but the place is called brew by you....

anyway happy new year to all

cheers and beers
Happy new year, oz. Enjoy the tour of Cascade.
Happy new year to everyboby. Hope you all had an enjoyable one.
Gotta say I'm very hungover in the homebrew way. :chug: :chug: :chug:
johnno :chug:
Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone didnt drink too much.

I didnt even make it out after drinking a little too much. Idiot.

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