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It is a shame we cannot get the recipes for the Grumpy's brew range

I know the company no longer does mail order

having made nearly all the range in my younger brewing days I still long for some of the beers


Boston cream


Belfast gold stout

Bavarian BockBavarian Bock

Belhaven 80/-

Arkell's 3B


Classic English Draft

Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale


Old Speckled Hen

Yorkshire English Toffee

Red Stag Scottish Ale

Double Hop Pale Ale

Marstons Pedigree Bitter

From my records I made all of the above several times
Geez... I remember brewing these. Did the boston cream heaps and the classic English draft, Also Muldoons or something? must have been an Irish red. Were all good from memory.

Didn't someone else from the Grumpy's forum take over the mail order side of the brewshop?
Grumpy's taught me how to brew. loved that site.

didn't Kai work there for a while? perhaps he can enlighten you on some of the recipies

managed to get there once, they made pretty decent pizza's as well as good beer.
Grumpys was my first real awakening from kit+sugar

Yeast starters, mini mashes, one shot no rinse

I made it out there the same weekend I proposed to my wife :)

Nice pizza, great beer, and got to chat to a brewer doing a brew. They had a big copper coil embedded in a block of ice in a freezer about 1.5x1.5m iirc
Thomas was (TDH) the brewer there and the brew guru whose words we all hung on. He used to contribute here from time to time but not for a while though. He was certainly the font of all knowledge on all things german.
They were good days :beer:

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