Gauging interest in ball lock keg bulk buy

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Awesome Talco!

I most likely will pick up, if possible...early to mid arvo depending on the day/date.


SS :)
Bridges said:
Cool chalk me down for two, as I work shift work I may have to take up mofox on his generous offer depending on date of pick up.
Umm... Am I still in. I'll pick up.
Bridges said:
Umm... Am I still in. I'll pick up.
As it wasn't on the list your order slipped through. Not too late though,will add it

Edit: list meaning the in-thread count
StraussyStrauss said:
Awesome Talco!

I most likely will pick up, if possible...early to mid arvo depending on the day/date.


SS :)
Forget if it was mentioned or not but pick up can be made at any time after the payment date, as long as they know you're coming

Good news hey :)
Hi Talco, somehow your spreadsheet shows me down as 3 x 9L. I had only put myself down for 2. Hope you can still change that ok?

Now that we are well over 8, do you know what the price will be?

Depending on postage cost I may take Mikeyr up on his offer to share.

Many thanks!

Hey Talco,

Just budgeting for this, do you expect we will have a final price and make payment early next week or will it be later? No dramas either way...


If it's not too late, I'd like to get involved. Keen for two kegs.
Any news on this? Small things like when payments are due and pick up is scheduled for? Cheers!
im deliberately not brewing so i can reduce this mountain of bottles i currently have filled. i reckon i could not brew all winter and still have a few left.
ahoy and thanks for your patience.
Finally have confirmations from the majority orders, with a few stragglers not having replied yet. As such, we can finally move forward!
Here's what the next few days will looks like:

1. I'll PM everyone my bank details and the amount they need to transfer, and whoever is the shipping point for a group order needs to send me their FULL ADDRESS.
2. Once all they money comes in (within 48 hours hopefully) I'll transfer the full amount to the supplier.
3. We will be notified when shipment is sent, early next week if everyone is on top of things.
4. People who are picking up from the supplier can go in at any time after I make the payment to collect. Just ring them first so they can get it ready for you ;)

Please note that if you're late to pay I'm not going to cover your costs and trust that you'll pay me later, I'll just remove your order. Too complicated otherwise.
Ahoy again
Check your inbox for payment details.

If you haven't received anything, let me know ASAP
Thanks! Awesome work! Money sent, can't wait to go grab 'em.

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