Gauging interest in ball lock keg bulk buy

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zorsoc_cosdog said:
Looks like a no brainer to me. That is not a sealing pressure vessel. Definitely let us know if they play difficult. You should be right. (commute accounted for) - How far are they from you?
Not too far. About 20 / 30 min. Enough to be a PITA but not enough to just write it off as too hard.
Finally got round to giving mine a clean yesterday. They're certainly holding pressure as they were full to the brim with CO2. Very pleased with them, that was a deal.
Yep, got mine out of the box yesterday, in need of a good clean but other than that, holding pressure well, very happy. Thanks again Talco.
mofox1 said:
Here you go. That is a tear I can put my fuckin finger nail thru.

Not a happy Larry.

Will update on how rc models handles this... they did a reasonable effort replacing a faulty keg king CO2 charger, even if it did require some chasing.

Keg is all set to be replaced... Probably Saturday. Not really looking forward to driving there and back again but if I swing past keg king for a refill I'll pretend its on the way. :)
Cool man...

Many many years of happy beer storage and dispensing ahead.
so... based on the current trend of repeat bulk buys based on the first ones being so popular...
Whose going to organise the next keg bulk buy repeat? :)
You should try contacting the store to see if they'll let you buy it for the same price. They're pretty awesome. Just say you're part of the same group that did the last bulk buy and you want to order some.more kegs for yourself.
I'd be keen on 2 mini kegs SBOB and share postage if you do ask the supplier. Got another mate might want a couple too.
Ebay currently has a 10% off deal, which makes buying direct about $67 each in a pack of 4, so not much price difference with shipping.. The 9.5l ones aren't as closely priced ($112 each shipped for 2)