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For sale: 3 vessel system 50L capacity single tier 1 pump. Complete system ready to go.


Has been a while since last use. I’ve now got a Guten 30 and suits me as I’m not brewing nearly as much and don’t need the volume.

So don’t need this hanging around any more. Don’t really know how much I should selling for and would prefer to sell as complete package.

I did have this set up with 2 pumps which was great as I never had to change hoses once started. But works just as well with 1 pump and the occasional hose change over. All fittings are SS.

pickup Brisbane

70L SS kettle
- 2x 2200w electric elements
- SS false bottom SS ball valve
50L mash tun
- SS false bottom malt
- master thermometer
- SS ball valve
- glass lid
- 1x 2200w electric elements
- sight glass
- SS thermowell
- SS ball valve
- glass lid

1 x SS 30 plate chiller
1 x little brown pump
4 x silicone hoses
SS quick connects to all ball valves, pumps and hoses
1 x Rambo burner with low pressure reg (not needed in this system) can be used if desired)
1 x STC1000 temp controller (I think) completely setup

I have more photos if needed.



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