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I have decided to try a batch of Fresh Wort for the first time, kicked it off at 25deg then fermented it at a constant 21deg for 7 days, the airlock was dead after the 7th day so turned the temp down to 3deg for a further 7 days. Got all set to keg it off today and bugger me the bloody airlock is pumping again, a bubble every 5 seconds, and it's sitting at 3deg. The yeast was just a ordinary Pacific Brewers yeast for ales, what should I do? A...turn the temp back up to 21deg, B... keg it anyway, C...leave it for another week? or non of the above. I have never struck this problem before so all ideas would be appreciated.
Cheers Fingers.
whats the gravity? is it what you expected the fg to be? seems odd that it would start bubbling again. maybe rack to secondary and get it off the yeast for a week or two. maybe even raise the temp a bit, 16 or 18C? just an idea.
Hey Joe, if its reach a suitably low gravity and as you are kegging it. It shouldn't matter. If you were bottling the beer though, that would be another question.

I'd just let it slowly reach room temp, leave it at this for a day, and take a few gravity readings. If it doesn't move then we're laughing.
fingers, joecast and wedge have given you good advice, don't rely on the airlock bubbling, take a measure of gravity with the hydrometer. General rule of thumb is that the final gravity will be 75% less than the original (ie: OG 1040, FG 1010).
My opinion is that 7 days fermenting at 21C your beer will be ready to keg.

Cheers and bollocks

Cant really say anything else because the other guys have said it.

However, as a hop head i would rack it to a secondary and dry hop it for at least 2 weeks or preferably 4 weeks cold conditioning.

Good luck....

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