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Free - 2 Cubes And Other Stuff Adelaide

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I'm just finishing up a road trip from Perth to Adelaide. I get into Adelaide tomorrow arvo. I've got to return the camper-van to the hire place and catch a flight back to Sydney. I have the following stuff left over from my trip. Whoever can pick it all up around 3-4pm tomorrow arvo can have them. I wouldn't mind a lift to the airport in return :)

- 2 x plastic cubes 15ltr (bunnings). Only used to hold emergency water supply.
- 1 x folding camp chair (bunnings).
- 1 x small plastic table (bunnings) - used it as my camp table.
- other left over stuff from the campervan, including, half-pack ground coffee, honey, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, toilet paper, paper towels, tea bags, a few tins (tomatoes, corn & peas, beans), etc, etc.

I drop off the campervan at Cheltenham - so you will need to meet me there.

Pls phone or txt me because I may not get back online before tomorrow. 0423 112 114.

no luck? drop them off to the local animal welfare league or ring before hand to see if they can on sell the items to profit the animals recovery etc.......

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