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For Sale - Perth - Malt & Hops

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Heading away for an indefinite period so need to clear out my perishable ingredients. All of the malts are reasonably fresh, having been bought in the last year or so, and stored in a dry, dark room.

I have:
  • 15kg+ Barret Burston Pale Malt (Probably closer to 20kg, as pictured)
  • An assortment of specialty malts, including 1kg Wheat Malt, 900g Dark Munich, 900g Biscuit, 450g Roasted Barley, 250g Melanoiden, 100g Carafa III, and approx 50g each of Carapils, Crystal & Chocolate.
  • 180g 2011 Galaxy Flowers, and 180g 2010 Stella Pellets, all unopened, sealed in vacuum foil packs & stored in freezer since purchased.

Looking for $40 for the malt and $20 for the hops. Located in Scarborough. Cheers!



Hey Rippa, for some reason the messenger won't let me PM you back.
Unfortunately someone just beat you to the punch, I'll let you know if that falls through. Cheers.
I'll take the whole lot if they are still available, after rippa.

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