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I have a 150L chest freezer that I was thinking of using to control the temperature of my fermenter and perhaps be a long term CC fridge as well. Only problem is that it is only about 520mm deep due to the compressor occupying half of the bottom so the other half is nice and deep.

It looks like my fermenters are going to be too tall to put in there with the airlocks on them :angry:

Anyone used one of these freezers for this? Got any good ideas for a fermenting vessel that will fit in? Would love to get two in there but I am probably dreamin'
I checked out my old 25L Jad's fermenter (available at Bunnings as dry storage containers for camping etc) and it's 600mm sans airlock :(

However, check out the 15l fermenters at ESB. http://www.esbeer.com.au/category44_1.htm (bottom of page)
Use two of these per batch? That way you could bottle/keg half at a time if you needed to or wanted to experiment or whatever. Seems a shame to waste a perfectly good freezer.
Also look at the 20 litre cubes at Bunnings. Grab a tape measure and suss em out! You can always drill a nice round hole in the lid and fit an airlock. If they don't fit with an airlock in place but do fit without one, use a blow-off tube instead.

See the Chest Freezer Conversions link in the Frequently Requested Links page.
You will find links to instructions for building a collar for your chest freezer. Then you can use your existing fermenters.

If you build a collar, take some pics and post them back in the Chest Freezer topic. I was going to do the conversion but the freezer I bought was deep enough and I'm not using it as a serving kegerator.


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