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Well, i've finally done it. Moved the wife's car out of the garage (only a single) and officially begun to build my all grain brewery. Over the past two weeks, i've bought a fridge, converted it with the koki fuji (thermostat we've been talking about), converted a cooler and made a manifold, purchased burners and a gas bottle, bough desk and building 3 tier setup, lined up a keg for conversion, and put my first lager brew to work in the fridge at about 14C. So it's full steam ahead... except now it's almost unbearable working in there because of the damn rotten egg fart smell coming from my fridge!!!!!!!!!!

did someone else once mention brews producing sulfur dioxide??? is this normal? why does this happen? can it be stopped? (because it's stinking out the new brewery)... and it really is foul!!

PS, also, diacetyl rest, is that for 2 days at room temp after fermentation? then i CC at 6C for 3 weeks??
Rotten egg gas smell is a normal byproduct of lager ferments (dimethylsulphide is produced which degrades to Hydrogen Sulphidewhich is rotten egg gas)

Diacetyl rest for a day or two when the lager ferment is just about over. If you can lager at about 0.5C you will greatly shorten the lagering process.

Jovial Monk
I have been lager'n my beers at about 1deg. Does this mean that after the current 5 weeks it should be ready? will it greatly improve with further time or is most the work now done... cant wait to get stuck into it... i just emptyed my ale keg DAM IT, that really was a nice drop that ale

P.S i was accused of making the smell when i snuck the fermenter ... well both (2) of them into my cubord, when the misses walked in she cut sick at me saying how off i was... i took it on the chin.. then realised this one time it was not I, but my little secret bubbling away...
long story short they got moved into the next room hehe

And also, wait till you have to clean you lager brewing fridge POOOOWW it made me sick (had a hand over also - dam late night on mega swil)
well, when it is ready is up to you. I know one US brewer regularly laagers for 4-6 months. My 10% doppelbock was put into the lagering fridge mid Jan, will be bottled late May, over four months should be enough.

Jovial Monk
ok what i mean is will i get the most effect in this 6 week period i have had it in CC, eg 70% improvment for a 5% alc lager

Stout has been in over 6 months. and even once i keg it is still in a fridge... although not for long hehehe

i Might get a few kit brews done to help with demand again 4 empty kegs.... 2 CC cubes is all i have and without brewing untill i get my better all grain setup i might run dry or atleast into a very dark beer stage (porter and stout)
From what I've read, lagering time really depends on the type of beer you've made and the yeast that's in it. I've heard that strong beers (doppelbocks etc) benefit from at least 2-3 months. Likewise marzen/oktoberfests (traditionally these were lagered for 6-8 months). However, light lagers, such as American and Aussie styles probably only need a couple of weeks.

Cheers - Snow.
I have an article that is pitched towards comercial breweries outlining the methods/times and temperature profiles used to condition lagers. Basically in a comercial sense they want to get the product out there as quick as possible so this article shows various methods of doing this and the results. It really is an interesting read so I'll try and scan it tomorrow and post them for all to see.

Basically though it gives you a heap of graphs all showing a temp line/sugar content/ diacetyl content and maybe one more?? And you can then see the effect different temps have on these various profiles and the maturing time for the beers.

Gee I hope I remember it tomorrow and that I can get it to work now that I've said all this. Basically though, from a comercial sense I think it states that a lager can be out fully conditioned in 21 days. If I post it you can make your own judgement.


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