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Hey all,

Just starting a little thread here to promote a local funk/rock band that I play with here in Perth, Dyslexic Fish. We released a debut album this year, called Mission: Inappropriate that is distributed on MGM. You can hear some song samples on mp3.com ( go here: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/345/dyslexic_fish.html ) or you can check our very old and un-updated website at http://www.dyslexicfish.net . A new website is currently under construction.

But yeah, we funk out and have a laugh, and have a bunch of dates this coming month!! Check us out at the following venues around Perth and regional WA:

Sat 2nd - Mr Sandman CD Launch at the Rosemount Hotel

Sat 9th Dyslexic Fish at the White Sands

Fri 15th - Dyslexic Fish in Carnarvon

Fri 29th - Dyslexic Fish & Civilised at Swan Basement with Melange and Phil'
s Finest Hour

Come and check us out if you have some spare time! Entry is usually either free or in the $4-$7 region. I'm the random bloke with silly sideburns who plays trombone, sings, and dances around like a loon (I'm usually hammered :ph34r: ). Come and say gday if you get down!!

Cheers boys, have a good one.

You're playing with Civilised? I know Martin! hehe

Geez Perth is small.

You can expect to see me at the swan basement gig :)

I'd come to the Rosemount on saturday but I've got an early start on sunday, working overtime on a project. Wheres the White Sands ?
Great!! Perth is depressingly small - our manager also manages Civilised, so we're playing some shows with them, as you can see. The White Sands is, I think, near the intersection of Scarborough Beach Rd and WestCoast Hwy. I could be wrong, it's very early, the sun is out, why oh why do graphic designers have to work under these conditions?! :blink: And now the sun is shining onto my monitor. Why. Why? WHY!?!?

Yeah, White Sands is on east side of WC Hwy close to Scarborough Beach Rd.

Seen your posters at DaDas Vin. Don't watch much music these days, but should tag along one day.
ill be in perth mid sept.anything happening with your band then.wouldnt mind seeing some live gigs.things like that are a rarety up here.

big d B)
Yeah, we've got like.... 4 or 5 gigs in September on the cards at the moment. I'll get some details from our manager and get back to ya :)

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