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well i have bought an esb pack of czeck has use by date of oct 05 so i hope this will be fresh enough.also some saaz hops and some wheat malt extract,the yeast under the lid i think is an s29 or 39 i think without going to look again.i wanted some w 34/70 yeast but brew shop didnt have it.anyway this is what i am going to do but probably change it a bit after i get some suggestions back,

1..pour the can into fermentor with 2 litres boiling water and mix well

2..add 150 grms of wheat malt extract and stir up to 20 litres and stir

4.. then add my yeast and stir well and airate for about 5 minutes

5.. put in fridge and ferment for a couple of weeks at about 10 deg or untill fg is correct

6..then secondry for another few weeks at about 10 deg with about 40 gr of saaz hops then bottle

also a bit confusing is the instructions in bold letters .DO NOT STIR YEAST IN.
now this seems a bit strange as i thought you had to airate the yeast at the start.anyway im sure some more knowledgable people will fill me in on this part,also would anyone recomend i chase down some w 34/70 yeast instead of the can yeast

cheers fergi
fergi said:
also a bit confusing is the instructions in bold letters .DO NOT STIR YEAST IN.
That's because high gravity beers can prevent the yeast from re-hydrating. best way is to rehydrate the yeast in a jug of warm water, then pitch that into your aerated beer.
o wouldnt add the saaz hops either. this is already quite a hoppy kit.
I just put this kit down 2 days ago.

I added 10 grams of saaz only (as I had heard also what bobby has just said)

NO wheat malt extract either for me...

My tin came with the w34/70 (I'm sure of it). Even thought I have not used any lager yeast before from what I read you really need to try and chase some of the w 34/70 down insead of the s23, apparently it makes a world of differance.

I put it down 4 PM on Thursday (it's now 7:30AM on saturday - 39.5 hours) and it still has not started... getting a little worried but having never used lager yeast before I think I read it takes a while longer to get going and ferment out..

Can someone confirm this for me?
it is sitting in the fridge at about 10C.