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O.K..... a few newby to the forum questions to start out with...and I gotta get a hang of how this posting stuff works...

This'll probably be a dumb one, but Jovial Monk never mentions which shop he works at, I assume everyone else knows it..but can you let me in on the secret?

For some reason I keep thinking JM is GT at Grumpies?

On may home tonight I stopped in at Mt Compass Liquor store (good choice of beer for out of the city dwellers, stock Greene King's Strong Suffolk, one of my all-time favourites) and I spotted a "Boars Rock Lager", from Tatachilla Road McLaren Vale. Well, naturally you have to try these things for the sake of all beerkind. It was a lager type but still threw a sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Not big enough to indicate bottle fermented, more like coarse filtering. Curious as I am I hopped onto the net to check their website, which says they have it contract brewed for them.

Anyone in SA got any idea who really brews this stuff for them?

Also picked up a mixed 6 pack of Grand Ridge Brewery beers from Vic. Bloody expensive but looking forward to making some interesting comparisons when they're chilled! :chug:

Hmmmmmmm I believe the Jovial Monk works at the Jovial Monk :)

Next time you are heading into town, take a right at South Rd/Cross Rd intersection, then turn left into Duthy St near the town end you will find the best HBS in the state. From there town is 5 min drive.

I have heard about a new micro on the Fleurieu Peninsula but no details

Jovial Monk
Hey that was quick! Thanks JM, will drop in in person and apologise for my ignorance next time I head into town. The last time I was really into brewing was when I was working up in the Riverland beforeI got married, ooh about 7 years ago, so I don't know of many of the current HBS besides Goliaths and Grumpies. Back then my supplies came from Bamera of a place somewhere on Henley Beach Road. Once again my apologies.

There is a new micro on the Fleurieu, called "Lovely Valley Beverage Company" at Myponga. I've tried their stuff and this definately aint it.
I won't say any more as a) I'm new, and dont want to insult, and B) its not fair to slag off at other's efforts if they aren't around to defend themselves. :eek:


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