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Hi All,

I have kept my co2 gas tank and regulator in my keg fridge all the regular kegland products. It now has rust or corrosion (attached pics) and just wondering if people think its possible due keeping it in the fridge? Or would it be due to something else?

I also haven't taken them apart, but should I have further concern on malfunction?



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It's definately from the damp of being inside a fridge - when I first got my kegging setup I decided to save a few bucks and bought a couple of brumby taps from fleabay - turns out they were chrome plated brass and after a short while of being exposed to the condensation build up the chrome plating on all of my cheap chrome plated taps - looked like your regulator does. I used a bit of autosol on them to make them look a bit better but ended up replacing them with some decent quality stainless steel taps.

I don't think the patina on the brass fittings will effect them negatively as far as integrity goes - they will just look shithouse. Once thing I did to combat the moisture was to put one of the camel thingies my wife had in the walk in robe in the back of the fridge and emptied it out every now and then -Unless she ever see's this then I donated it to the church for the staving children in Afica :D

To get rid of the green stuff mix 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup vinegar and enough flour to make a paste rub it on and then rinse it off with plenty of water and let them dry - they will come up like new.
Thank you for that response. That was not only thorough but also super helpful!
keeping it in the fridge is a good idea because the fridge is essentially an air conditioner that keeps moisture out and dries the air. The problem arises when you take the bottle out of the fridge into a humid warm (warmer than the fridge) environment, or you turn the fridge off, keep the door open etc. The corrosion on the regulator is not a problem however I do notice some corrosion starting on the bottle itself. If this progresses and gets bad enough you won't be able to get it refilled, but it is a long way off that. There will be a date stamped on the bottle, a sort of use by date. They will not refill it if it is past this date, check that out, that will guide you as to whether to bother with this minor bottle corrosion or not. If it is years away maybe address the surface rust?

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