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Gday guys
I know that having kegs isnt quite allowed, and I know none of you guys have em, but hypothetically, were I to have gotten me hands on one of them really old tooheys kegs, where would I put the outlet tap? I have read a few guys say they have 4L or so deadspace in the bottom, is this imperative? I know I have to keep the trub out, but if it is also going to be my HLT aswell, after using it to heat my sparge water, wouldnt it be a little hot to lift and tip out the 4L of water left in the bottom before running my wort into? I have done a search on here for all relevant information before posting this, but nothing seems to really answer my question. I saw sosmans (I think) setup on brewiki, and it has a pickup tube that seems to finish as close to the bottom as possible, is this the way to avoid leaving stuff behind? Or should I hypothetically try and get 2 kegs? Any info would be appreciated, and Doc, where did ya get the weld-b-gone tap fitting, can ya get it in Oz, or do ya have to send to the states?
Thanks in advance
Trent said:
....where would I put the outlet tap?

and Doc, where did ya get the weld-b-gone tap fitting, can ya get it in Oz, or do ya have to send to the states?
I have one boiler that has a welded fitting and one with the Zyminco Weld-b-gone.
The weld-b-gone I bought in the US last year when I was up there for business.

The weld-b-gone I fitted as low as I could to fit the SS false bottom I bought in the US for it. Currently though I'm using it as a 2nd boiler so I can do double brew days.

IMO if you will use it only for an HLT you would want it as low as reasonable so you don't waste water.

In reality you will need to get it on a flat part of the keg (before it curves down at the bottom, otherwise with a compression fitting the seal won't be that great.

You will probably end up with about 3-4 litres of dead space but you can always tilt the keg after chilling to get a bit more out. I do this often. On big hopped beers the deadspace works well because you have so much trub left over.


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