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Hey Guys, I know this topic has been done heaps, but I coming to the end off my WORT fermentation, and after racking, I want to do some bulk priming.

My last batch of wheat beer that I made, I bulk primed with (200g) powdered wheat malt, I felt that this gave good carbonation and head retention but also gave an over powering malt taste. :blink:

The brew I'm doing now is an ESB American Pale Ale, Should I try again with the powdered malt? Maybe some one could give me advice on how to do this best, or should I just use white/raw sugar?

All comments and suggestions welcome :D
Bulk prime with Dextrose......at the rate of a teaspoon per 600ml.
Teaspoon weighs approx 5gms, therefore, 20ltrs = 150-165gms
Teaspoon per pint? Hmm. Try 8g/litre. Nice and round calculations, like all our other metric goodness :) Gives exactly the same result 160g/20L
Dextrose, can this be purchased at a supermarket or only at HBS's?

I take it that 160g of Dextrose is for a brew with a final S.G. of about 1.008-1.009!
Yep Barney G, Dextrose for me as well. Gives a really good, tight, foamy head :rolleyes: and I've had no dramas every time. I usually change my quantities a little depending on style but find 170 gms per 23 litre brew a good rule of thumb.

forgive me for my ignorance guys, with the dextrose do you boil it up in say 250ml (1 cup) of water to dissolve it, or do you put it straight in the WORT? :unsure:
Technically I think you are supposed to boil it, but I just make sure all relevant equipment is sanitised and dissolve the dextrose in 4-500mls of boiling water (depending on the quantity of dextrose) and the tip it into the bottom of my fermenter and rack onto it. Has worked well so far...

Cheers Gough, and thanks GMK, Postmodern.

I'll let you know the end result. :chug:
You can buy dextrose at supermarket. It's called glucose.

Maybe cheaper at HBS where they buy in bulk and repackage.
if I prime (OG 1125 beers that finish at 1035 don't need much priming. . .) i prime with wheat malt extract. wheat has a ton of proteins and it is proteins that stop a head from collapsing in 0.1microsecond.

And consider priming with LESS sugar.

You slaved away at a recipe, brewed as best as you could, now you are gonna prime the bottles so all you taste is fizz? Naah. if you have been priming with 180g sugar/dextrose try priming with 100g dry wheat malt extract.

At the 'Monk, one of our most popular simple Packs, Oz Pale Ale, has some wheat DME in it, they rave about its creaminess and head rentention and flavor.

VB needs lots of fizz. Good beers don't

Jovial Monk