Building A Keezer- Co2 & Reg Internal Or External?

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Baulko Brewer

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Hi Guys,

I am currently planning to build my Keg Freezer. In my designs, I can't decide whether to keep the Reg and bottle internally on the hump or build a mounting bracket on the side to fit the bottle to.

Obviously, for asthetics and convenience it is better for me to have it internally, but I have read on the threads about brewers keeping it on the outside for fear of condensation in the reg becoming a factor.

I can't find any info definatively saying that it is good, bad or indifferent. is this an issue??

I would be happy to read that someone has had it internally for years without issue ;)

:icon_offtopic: I am fitting my STC1000 to the collar (inspired by Sammy's design) and am putting a cooling fan in the collar. Can I wire the fan to the controller so that it turns on with the controller or will it have to much power for the little fan? I note most people use a secondary source of power such as a mobile phone charger.

Thanks in advance for your help.
what voltage is the fan if it's 12V computer fan certainly don't run it off the STC,get an old phone charger and hook it to the fan
I have mine outside, that way I can keep playing with the pressure :)

I also use the hump to keep 2x9's under co2 that I can pull out to take to a party's (I usually fill the 9s from an 18 when the beer is nice a clear, that way I won't get as much sediment movement when I drag the 9s out) etc..
No issues as far as I am aware with the regulator & bottle being inside the keezer - other than the lost space for more kegs/bottles of beer!
what voltage is the fan if it's 12V computer fan certainly don't run it off the STC,get an old phone charger and hook it to the fan

I haven't purchased the fan as yet. I was supposing just getting one from the computer markets or Dick Smith. I am not really tech minded, but assumed that if a computer runs off 240V then it would be OK. (There is brobably an invertor/transformer somewhere in a PC that allows it)
"i have had a co2 bottle and regulator inside a kegerator for 3 years without issue"

Thanks Don and Raven..some form of piece of mind. I am getting a 2.6Kg Keg King Bottle,. I can fit 4 Corny's in the main space and can't see myself brewing more than that. ( I am only having two taps (at this stage anyway...))
Wow, thanks Du. I might have to re think that part

i wouldnt wire the fan up with the controller, it needs to run all the time, not only when the fridge cycles on

get a larger jiffy box and fit a small 240v AC to 12v DC transformer inside the jiffy box, wire it up so the fan is on all the time

if you dont know what your doing then dont do it, get some help from someone who does
Keep it outside and use compressor hub for storing yeasts, glasses etc
Outside for sure. As said before, more space. Eventually condensation will form in your regulator. Outside for me also because i dont keep my kegs "connected" to the CO2 ( I fear a gas leak and an empty CO2 bottle, or worse filling my bar with toxic levels of CO2)