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Brewtroller with Touchscreen Interface

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Brewtroller with Touchscreen Interface

Brewtroller DX1 with 10” Touchscreen interfaced via Raspberry Pi in Custom Control Box

2 x RGBIO Boards with DIN Rail Mounts

1 x RS485 Output Board with DIN Rail Mount

1 x E-Stop Board with DIN Rail Mount

20 x 4 LCD Screen

Rotary Encoder with Aluminium Dial

I2C Cables

4 x 4 Relay PCB Boards

DIN Rail 12V Power Supply – 120W

DIN Rail 24V Power Supply – 120W

Contactors - Hager ESC225 x 4

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

DIN Rails

Cable Tidy

Cable Glands

E-Stop Switch



Only selling as like always happens, priorities have changed and I don't have time to setup the system that I was hoping to... Has been sitting without progress for 2 years...

Asking $650 open to negotiations


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