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  1. P

    What brewing Automation Controller / Platform do you use & why?

    I am planning an All Grain HERMS electric home brewery build of up to 1/2BBL. I want to partially automate, control & log accurate statistics of my entire brewing process, all the way up to bottling / kegging. The problem I am having is trying to find the best automation platform for the job...
  2. andycostin

    Brewtroller with Touchscreen Interface

    Brewtroller with Touchscreen Interface Brewtroller DX1 with 10” Touchscreen interfaced via Raspberry Pi in Custom Control Box 2 x RGBIO Boards with DIN Rail Mounts 1 x RS485 Output Board with DIN Rail Mount 1 x E-Stop Board with DIN Rail Mount 20 x 4 LCD Screen Rotary Encoder with...
  3. P

    Fermentation Fridge with temp controller and heat belt $60

    We have a 381l fridge with a temp controller and a heat belt for sale. The controller works to 1c accuracy. Great for keeping beers at the right fermentation temperature. Works well, great for fermentation. $60 Pickup only from Yarraville, Melbourne.