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What brewing Automation Controller / Platform do you use & why?

Discussion in 'Electronics, Hardware & Software' started by pmitch, 3/6/18.


  1. pmitch

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    Posted 3/6/18
    I am planning an All Grain HERMS electric home brewery build of up to 1/2BBL. I want to partially automate, control & log accurate statistics of my entire brewing process, all the way up to bottling / kegging.

    The problem I am having is trying to find the best automation platform for the job, so I thought I'd turn to my local home brewing community for some information, reviews and general comments on the available platforms out there, but commercial & open source.

    Some Platforms available

    CraftBeerPi - Linux / RaspberryPi
    BrewPi- Linux / RaspberryPi
    Brucontrol - Windows / Arduino

    What I want to control (just to name a few)

    - Kettle Temperatures & Volumes
    - Control pumps & heating elements
    - Monitor & control wort transfer temperatures
    - Control process timing
    - Control fermentation timing & temperatures
    - Alarms & alerts, both while brewing & fermentation reminders (dry hopping etc)

    Thanks in advance for any pointers, reviews, stories and advice you may have.

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