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In my fermentor is the ingredients as listed in the yellow brewcraft recipe list, for James Boag Premium

Black Rock Lager can
no. 60 converter kit
500g Light dry Malt (LDM)
Saflager yeast

Now i put ALL the ingredients in, and a mate of mine that brews thought that i should have substituted the LDM for a portion of the no.60 kit - in effect, adding the standard 1kg of sugars, instead of what i did, - adding the total 1.5kg.

It was his opinion that i had over loaded it and that the result would be an off beer with a mountain of alchohol.

But --- the brewcraft leaflet does not mention substituting anything, and
day 1 SG - 40
day 4 sg - 10

which indicates to me its brewing nicely, and will probably be ready to bottle in 3 or 4 days time

Any opinions out there?
Do you have a hydrometer? - could use this to verify start and end gravities and so arrive at the actual alcohol content.

If using a hydrometer it can also be useful to take account of temp variations (though admittedly this is probably more important for mash brewing than extract).

Your hydrometer is calibrated to a particular temp (possible 15 degrees celcius). If the wort is at a higher or lower temp, the reading will be out. There's a very nice free program called qbrew which includes a tool for automatically making hydrometer corrections. You input the sample temp, the calibrated temp for your hyd. and the hyd reading.

Do you know what's contained in a no. 60 converter kit?

On the face of it, I don't think that you'll end up with a high alcohol beer. The company formulating the recipe would have tested and verified the start and final gravity based on the prescribed ingredients.

Here's a link to some online brewing calculators, including one that calculates alcohol based on start and final gravity.

badg3er said:
But --- the brewcraft leaflet does not mention substituting anything, and
day 1 SG - 40
day 4 sg - 10

which indicates to me its brewing nicely, and will
Yes i have a hydrometer, and there are the SG's - specific gravities as measured upon initial seal, and then on day 4,

i was more concerned about the quantity of sugars i added, and whether the brewcraft leaflet conveniently did not mention that you substitute in the LDM for a portion of the no. 60 kit

as for what the no. 60 kit contains --- i am not sure -- is in the bin at home so i can find out when i finish work
I don't think you will have a problem there, as an extra 500g of fermentables certainly will not blow the alcohol levels off the scale. You will probably end up with around 5 - 5.5%, which is pretty much what JB Premium is IIRC. You certainly wont end up with an off tasting beer, if anything the extra malt will add to the flavour - not to mention body and head retention - to make a reasonably close replica.