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Hi. I have D/L Beersmith 2 on trial and I am finding it quite confusing to be honest. There is so much I just dont understand and even after spending hours studying it I'm still confused.
Is there a much more simple program suitable for simpletons like me, someone without a 99% pass in chemistry. I have heard a bit about promash I think its called, is that any good? surely there must be a basic program out there?? Any Ideas
+1 Brewmate.
Much easier to understand and easier to adjust on the fly if you miss your marks etc.
Hope this helps
Beaten, twice. Give Brewmate a go. As written it is free and much easier to use than the big name brew calculators. Some of the writers of Brewmate are members of this forum and have been very helpful to me over the years.

Quality product and service to match!
It's easier to lean how to make beer than to learn how to use BeerSmith.

Brewmate rocks. It's all ya need.
+1 Brewmate, easy to use and its free.

Their website has heaps of recipes you can download and open diectly into brewmate.
And you can print out each recipe in a nice easy to read style, then place them into a folder as a record of all your brews when you look back years later... :)
coming in on the grouter



will take some time to find out how to use
Thanks guys I appreciate the input and well Brewmate seems to be the ants pants so sounds good to me ...thanks guys!
check brewtarget as well..........cheers..spog...
Mind you, Brewmate for Android would be the ducks guts.

Would save me dragging the laptop into the shed every weekend.....

Fester out.

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