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shame to see a micro go under.never tried there beer.
hope theres more to it than a bar 1/2 dozen kegs and a few ss vessels and a recipe sheet.

big d
:D just me vlad and any help i could get.if only i had a lazy $485,000.
wonder why they are selling up.
reading there site makes you wonder.

have you ever run a business NO

ever brewed beer ? NO

on these grounds alone we are destined for failure.

yet they have won awards for there beer.maybe the market down south has dried up some what. :(

big d
im in vlad
i believe margaret river is a great place so relocation is no prob providing i can convince the other half. :angry:
Vlad the Pale Aler said:
How about the mother of all group purchases? :)

or am I dreaming again.

I can put in for my 0.01% share I would of course expect total freedom in brewing styles for this of course!!

Ausdb :p
so why does the actual company name sound suss ? did they really take the piss that upfront ? (next to acn)
The name is a great joke - the brewery was started by a bunch of kiwis, and named after what they could see on the horizon, a really 'bug ocean'. They were taking the puss, eh bro!

The beers are fantastic, I'm a huge fan of thier alt. I just hope the new owner doesn't change things too much.
I am willing to become part owner. I wont provide any money, but my contribution will be to translate the recipe sheets into Australian, since I am bi-lingual.
So GL, Is a bug dog a tiny little thing or a great muther
They got a fair bit of exposure on that BEER show on the lifestyle channel last year. Seemed very passionate. It's a shame to see them selling.

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