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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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Makes me want to think about moving back to NZ.

See link here for full details


Not a lot of details, but a shiney bit of gear.
maybe a bit OTT, but would look nice in my garage.... and I would only have to brew a handful of times each year


Thats Luvley wonder if it comes with a book of instructions anyone want to go halves ?????

I reckon we would need Jason to to work out how it makes beer and he is in Tassy

80 grand for a 3BBL system.....

It's complete but that's a lot of money for only 350 litres per brew.
Insane price! how much of that money is for the shine?
If you work out what each piece is individually than you'll see that you getting ripped off! if you buy this.
It is proberly worth the money he's asking but if you have that money to spend you can get a lot more bang for your buck than that.

pumpy it makes beer just the same as our home breweries its just 300litres bigger, making the beer is not any different really, a lot of us here good walk in and brew on that with no problems at all. sorry that sounds a bit big headed but it is true, most experienced all grain brewers here shouldn't have too many probs brewing on systems like these.
You'll need a bigger mash paddle is all. B)

a beautiful match.polished copper and stainless steel.80 grand hey.way to much.you could probably outsource alot of this to small companies and get it way cheaper.

big d
For those of you with spare room at home

Update on the Realbeer NZ post this morning - another one - larger - expected to be on the market shortly

I have heard there maybe another brewery, 1200 litres, coming on the market by late January 2005.
Now, I'm not an AG brewer, so this is not sour grapes on my part.
My take on this is, based on my experience of shipping big complicated things, it would take forever to get it up and running. It will not come out of the container ready to roll.
And I assume the bloke who designed it/put it together won't be there explain why this coupling goes here, or why this switch does this instead of that...maybe you could walk into it where it is now and get it going but I'd be more concerned that it would take months of tinkering to get it working at all, let alone properly.
I had enough trouble explaining how and why the syphon tube clip I made out of a bit of wire was going to work to one of my brewing partners without a keg & tube to demonstrate on.
Look at your own AG set up, imagine stripping it down and mailing it to someone with a few photos and a schematic- how do you think they would go?
I'd be prepared to have a red hot go at it if someone wants to deliver it to my place for testing and evaluation ;) :p

I'd still love a little number like this :rolleyes:


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