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I've been considering the new Tilt Pro until pricing was announced at $340 AUD, too much for a brew gadget in my view. What attracted me was the double sized unit that supposedly addresses concerns with the earlier models, eg, readings all over the place especially during high krauzen.

Then I came across the Brewbrain Float at $220 (still not cheap). It is the same form factor as the Tilt Pro and integrates nicely with Brewfather & Grainfather platforms.
No affiliation whatsoever, just thought I'd see whether anyone else has one - couldn't find anything on the forum when I searched for it.

I've ordered one with some xmas money from the fam, so I'll report back next week.
Not sure how the longer design is going to really prevent the krausen effect it will just stick to the side of petling ( container ) if it doesn't accumulate on the top.
It won't be lid above a verdant IPA yeast ferment or a wheat beer ferment that's for sure.
I'll stick to the Ispindels you could make about 10 for that price, the answer to avoid the krausen issue is to drop it in when krausen falls or to hold it below the wort during the krausen phase with a magnet and release it once krausen fallen.
It doesn't really matter the krausen " shift " it is a stable effect once added and whatever device you use it will show the trend and confirm when ferment finished.
If you are aiming for a specific gravity to do something then just relate back to the curve and your previous records to compensate.
Sounds like the housing for this kind of product needs to be teflon coated. 🤯

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