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Brew Demo at the shop
The first Brew day at the shop for this year will be held on Saturday 31st January. Paul Rigby will be making a Stout. John and Chris will be there too.
See Paul make the beer and ask him some curly questions. We will have one or two beers on tap for you to taste. Try to be there between 11am and 1pm.

saw this in their newsletter (yeah, two in one day). not sure where the "shop" is and it doesnt say if its extract, pm, or ag. but should be a great way to learn a few tricks. and another excuse to talk brewing/beer!!
going by there web site joe i reckon there closer to you than me.
99 rosamond road
maidstone 3012....i think this is in victoria.

and i reckon they would be doing all grain as a demo...could be wrong but.
The last demo they did was AG, and about 10 blokes were there! Great demo and the free piss was great :D
On Sunday I went to a great demo. Doc hosted linz, myself and a mate of mine and we watched him put down two AG beers. Unfortunately, my mate and I were a tad hungover after a big night on Saturday night, but it was great.

I took along my digital camcorder and got a lot of video of almost the entire process. I'll put together a video for anyone who is interested.

It was an awesome thing to watch. Being relatively new to most of this stuff, it really gave me a great amount of information on the whole process.

If anyone hasn't done AG yet, get yourself to one of these demo's. Within the next few weeks I will be making my immersion chiller then I am away.
put me down for a video volcano.
my location doesnt allow me the leisure to go to these demos.
i have to wait till holidays then hope a brew shop is putting on a demo

big d
Okay, the video will be going to Batz, who'll forward it on to you Big d. Keep in mind, it isn't running the ENTIRE time (a four hour video with 30 minutes of action! woot!)

I used it when Doc was getting busy with things. We missed the first dough in so initially you don't see that. All you see is his setup and then him running through his hop schedule, boiling etc etc.

I did however, get the dough in on the second brew (despite constant steaming from the boiler :))
Also, I would just like to add, that the smell of an AG brew is one of he nicest smells I have experienced. All fresh, very aromatic and malty. It made me hungry dammit!
Hey Volcano,

is it possible to get a copy sent my way? the guy at the LHBS only does k+k brews, he's never done an extract or AG, so my access to a mentor is limited.
As i am setting up my AG setup at the moment (got a 54L igloo today!) that tape would be great! fix u up for any costs involved of course :D


Okay, the actual tape runs for a little under 25 minutes.
I am putting together a digital copy (.wmv format) so anyone who wants it can download it.
I only have 180 minute tapes at the moment, so I'll go and pick up a few 30 minute ones for those who can't download it for whatever reason.

Anyway, it should be available to download within the hour or so.
Well, it appears my computer has a faulty power supply or something. After it gets about 4 minutes into the recording it simply switched off.

I'll see if I can't copy this at work tomorrow.
Now lots of people in this forum know lots about computers, and I am not one of them, but..
I thought I had a power supply problem causing the computer to reboot. In fact it was an old fashioned blue screen freeze and windows was set to immediately reboot when it happened so you never saw the blue screen and thought the power had spiked. Once I changed that setting I could see the fault and try to fix it. Jst a thought.

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