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Hi Folks,

Due to a personal issue, I'll be taking a break from brewing for the next six months. I've been away the last three and a half weeks and thought about selling up but I got back home last night and cracked a couple of pale ales, amber ales and a stout and thought, bugger this.. I'm enjoying these too much, I can't give up! I'll just have to wait until I get all myself settled and sorted in the new year and store my brewing gear for now. I have no way of taking my gear with me where I'm staying.

The two main positives out of all this are that I have about 150 longnecks of various brews to keep me going (for a while) and I'll be moving a block away from Bitter Suite in New Farm, so when I run out of brews or want a different taste I can walk down and stumble home. I'll give a shout out once I'm in New Farm and if anyone wants to catch up for a brew or six feel free. I haven't met too many of you Brissy brewers so it'd be a good chance.

In the meantime, I'll no doubt stalk this site!

ps. Truman if you're reading this I'll get that pale ale recipe to you shortly.


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