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I have come across(legally) several 50 litre stainless steel kegs. At the moment I'm having them modified to be suitable for boilers i.e having pick-up tube,spigot, ball valve and elbow added to them; all in stainless steel parts.
I have five (5) of them for sale at $150.00 each, if you would like to purchace one or more please leave a message with your e-mail address and I'll go on the order the messages arrive.
These are perfect for boiling all grain batches. By the way I'm in Sydney and you would have to add and organize freight if you wanted one interstate.

Linz :)
By the way chaps and chapettes,

Leon at the ESB at Randwick is holding another All Grain demonstration on Sat 1st of Feb in his store in Clovelly Rd, Randwick.It starts at about 10am. He is brewing a stout for St Pat's day coming up in March
Hey Guys,
Just a note to those that are thinking of one of these boilers. There's only two left, so take the leap and grab one while they're still around..

Linz B)
Go for it boys.
Linz has done all the hard work for you getting the kegs converted etc.
If you are thinking about all grain in the future take this opportunity now and save yourself the hassle later.
You won't find anything of similar size in stainless steel for this price either.

OK all.....

Last and final call for anyone interested in buying a 50lt kettle/boiler with pick-up tube, tap and elbow....all stainless steel construction and welding

Last one..no more

$150.00+ postage

just send me an email or PM and I'll sort the details from there

I can also vouch that these boilers rock :)

Get one while you still can!

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