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Hi guys,

Just tasted a wheat beer partial mash just prior to bottling and it's quite bitter. Does the bitterness normally melow out and reduce in the bottle?
It's slightly higher then I'd like but not a through away. I used 35g of Hallertau 4.5AA for 45 min in a 12L boil and aroma of 15g for last 10mins.

thanks for any info..

For a wheat that's quite bitter. You're up around 35 IBU or so. Most wheats are under 20IBU.
It will smooth out in time, but it will always be overbittered.
Still, if it's drinkable, drink it!

Edit: Just re-read this post and my figures are based on a 12l batch size, but your post says 12l boil. If the batch size is bigger, it will be less bitter.
Same applies though, it will smooth out in the bottle over time.
Green beers can have some unusual taste characteristics which take some getting used to. Don't worry too much until you've tried it after a couple of weeks in the bottle.
not trying to put you off, but you'd be AMAZED what a few months or 12 will do for an 'iffy' brew in the bottle. it's worth it if you have the patience. i know you're keen to drink beer though. so am i.
when i started i always kept 2 longnecks out of every batch to try
1 at 6 months and 1 at 12.
Good lesson there in what got you pissed at the time and what actually was an outstanding beer.
I have 1 of my 1st Belgian Wits sitting in the beer fridge, and i brewed that about 2 years ago. That's my trump beer for people who don't think they like homebrew.
And speaking of, i might just crack the bugga tonight!
Then I'll have to brew some more
Thanks guys,

Yeah I checked the IBU on beer tools b4 I did it and it was fine. I'm just to keen to taste it as it's the first PM i've done for a while. I'm hopefull it will melow as well.


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