Big Stainless Pots In Adelaide

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Heads up to those looking for big (like 60, 90L, 120L) pots with a provision for a tap in Adelaide. Cant comment on the quality or exact sizes but they are all big and under $200.

Gaganis Bros on South Rd at Hindmarsh have them. (no affiliation)

For those who have not been there, its a big Greek/continental shop. They also have a whole lot stuff for wine making, large carboys, etc. Good range of spits & charcoal BBQs for the brew food too. Added bonus is its SWIMBO friendly she can get lost getting bulk quantities of herbs and spaghetti sauce.
Another one to look at is Globe gifts and homewares on Magill Rd St Morris. The kitchenware section alone is sweet, heaps of pizza and pasta tools but out the back there's a whole section for wine, sauce, sausage etc making with heaps of massive stock pots too.

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