Beer kit yeast - more resistant to high temperatures

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I know several people that only brew kits using the kit yeast and they don't pay any attention to temperature control (even up to 27-30 deg C). Their beers seem to turn out ok with no significant off flavours. This has certainly been the case in the coopers kits I have brewed.

However, when I tried using S-04 yeast at around 24 deg C (at the top of the range according to the packet), I got very strong off flavours. To me, the coopers ale yeast produces an off-flavour even at 18 deg C and so my guess is that the companies that make the beer kits provide a yeast that is more temperature resistant than most, at the sacrifice of some flavour so that brewing reasonable beers can be done without temperature control.

What are other peoples experiences with kit yeast vs the yeast you buy separately with temperature and flavour?