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What happened to the recent thread on here about beer and brewing videos??

Don't tell me it was removed because the TORRENTial rain was mentioned??

It still amazes me what will and will not get deleted on here. None of these brew related videos can be brought anyway.

Anyway if you have any beer and brew vids worth watching put a list up and maybe we can get a DVD swap going.

Or if you have "other means" of getting them then maybe PM

I have the following if anyone's interested and have something I don't have.

American beer
Beer wars
Beer an insiders guide 6 of 6 eps
Brew masters 5 of 5 eps
How beer saved the world
Your shout. History of Australian beer. Pt 1 & 2
Micheal Jackson beer hunter 6 of 6 eps
Modern marvels brewing
I have "your shout" ;) but that's it. Will be looking on the channels for those you mention though
I understand the previous thread was certainly starting to tread into areas against AHB Guidelines - Linky

I would suspect it was due to rule #3.

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