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brasserie de cancrelat
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See an ad in a trade mag for the Watermark bar in Melbourne's Docklands Precinct:

They have come up with a concept whereby "every Thursday night, the barSTOCK Exchange turns people into traders. The price of any given drink falls everytime it is ordered. Prices are displayed on a plasma screen and updated."

Interesting gimmick and wonder if any Melbourne AHB'er has experienced it. I don't think the price of a belgian beer would drop dramatically if AHB'ers suddenly descended on masse. Probably already inflated prices.
I've been to a bar with this gimmick before- doesn't make the evening any cheaper!

Here's the beer menu & usual prices if anyone is interested:
Imported Bottle Beer
Asahi 7.5
Carlsberg Elephant 7.5
Haagen Premium Malt 7.5
Corona Extra 7.5
Heineken 7.5
Kronenburg 7.5
Miller 7.5
Peroni Nastro Azzuro 7.5
Stella Artois 7.5
Hoegaarden 7.5
A Marca Bravara 7.5

Local Bottle Beer
Carlton Cold 5
Beez Neez 8
Cascade Premium 6.5
Crown Lager 6.5
Fosters 5
James Boags 6.5
Victoria Bitter 5
Cascade Premium Light 4.5
James Boags Premium Light 4.5

Draught Beer Pot Pint
Carlton Draught 3 6
Cascade Light 2.8 4.5
Guinness 5 7.5
Stella Artois 330ml 5.5
Bohemian Pilzner 375ml 6.5
Asahi 300ml 7
Kronenburg 250ml 6
Cascade 4 Seasons 375ml 6.5

I must admit they lost me by classing Heineken as premium, and slugging $5.00 (!)
for a humble stubbie of VB.
Website here if anyone is interested...doesn't look like my kind of place.

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