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April meetup this Sunday

Discussion in 'Central Coast Brewers' started by pmastello, 15/4/13.


  1. pmastello

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    Posted 15/4/13
    Hi Everyone,
    In case you missed out, there is another meetup this coming Sunday 3pm at the Long Jetty park.

    We will be holding our inaugural brew competition - Pale ale. So bring one along if you've got one. If you don't turn up anyway and you can judge our efforts. If you have an entry, bring it along on Sunday. If you can't make it and still want to enter - You can drop off at Duanes shop at Toukley or my place at Gosford (Near the hospital, PM me for the address).

    Everyone is welcome as usual - friends, wives and kids.
  2. joshuahardie

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    Posted 16/4/13
    Sadly I am out for this one Pete.
    Too many family functions on that day.

    Have a good meetup, and post the competition results asap.
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