Any Ideas For Lids For All Grain Vessels?

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Hi guys. I'm looking for some lids for my three vessels. I've got a couple of shonky options but if I could get three the same it would be nice. Then need to be in the 12" range.

Does anyone know if you can buy then or where I might find some replacement lids? I've scrounged the tip shops and got one 12" glass lid (for 50c) but I wouldn't mind a few more (but I think I'd prefer stainless one). Surely you can buy them somewhere.

It'd be nice if I didn't have to buy stock pots just for lids :p

So has anyone found a source for just lids?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Cheers, Justin
Hi Justin,
Can't help with a source for lids, however I just use the lid from a cheap wok. Fits perfectly and the dome shape with knob handle on the top works well.

Ha ha. Nice one, that's what I currently have as one of my shonky lids :D. They aren't really that shonky at all, just a bit of a mismatch and they don't really fit the holes. Given I'm cutting a hole this weekend I though I might try to make it fit a lid ( thought I'd probably grab a couple of lid and recut some of the other holes to a bigger size), just not sure where I might find one. Might try BigW, Kmart and the tip shops again.

Thanks for the idea.

Cheers, Justin

Try Hotel Agencies Here It's where I got my ally stockpot. Great place to spend an hour or six browsing from a brewer's prospective. :beerbang:

Piazza Five Star Lids

Available in
20, 24, 28, 32 or 36cm

BTW a lot of Wok lids aren't stainless. They'll rust while you look at them.

Warren -
Probably just as shonky as anything but you could also get some stainless pizza trays (they come in a huge range of sizes) and just attach a handle to them in the middle. I have also often thought about drilling lots of little holes on one and using it as a false bottom.

It's probably a more price effective idea. I just priced the S/S lids from Hotel Agencies and the 32cm is $40 + GST !! :eek: :eek:

I reckon they could be had for cheaper.

Warren -
Cheers mate. Now that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. I'll fire off an email or phone call and see what the $$ downside is. The different sizes might suit my purpose nicely seeing as I have different sized holes.

Cheers mate.

FWIW my Wok lid is aluminium-but your right it will probably still rust :) :p :lol:


Edit: Yikes!!! That much Warren :unsure: I didn't expect them to be cheap but ooo. Stainless pizza trays sound like a bloody good idea. I'll chase that up I think and put some nice kitchen cupboard handles on them. Now, where to find pizza trays.

Generally speaking (at least here in Melb.) Local markets are the best bet. There's always a continental kitchen suppliers or two at each one. You'll be surprised how much brewing overlap there is with some of these places. Particularly the Italian ones. :beerbang:

Should probably be cheaper than Hotel Agencies too. ;)

Warren -
Check out your local target/ bigw stores. I bought a replacement glass lid for a fryingpan about 18 months ago. I can't remember which store it was but in the pots and saucepan section they had a range of 4 different size glass lids. Around $15 -$20 I think.

Yep mothballs is on the money. Target has 1 size, coles and woolworths have 2 but the best range I found was at david jones (same brand as target). they have about 4 sizes including 28 and 30cm. Under 20 bucks. If you want 32cm then scanpan sells them seperate but the are 60 big ones. They are good becasue they have no metal rim- they are all glass so easier to keep clean. I have one of these due to a waranty on our pan where they sent us a whole new one :)
I use a dj's one on my kettle, think it was 30cm.

Good work lads. Much appreciated. I'll try those outlets, guessing I'll find some options from one of them at least. We also have a catering supplies place in town that I'll try as well.

These are the sort of options I was thinking of. Many thanks.

Cheers, Justin

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