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Abc Radio Segment 11/11/04

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did anyone listen to mr nichols? on adelaide abc radio today? i did and hats of to you er mr nichols.i enjoyed it ,it was very interesting . so when is the next segment due to go to air .please keep us informed,we all now have an official homebrewers radio show. top shelf i reckon.
Hi Spog,

Glad you enjoyed the segment today. I seem to be on Carole's show about once each moth. There is also talk that I may be involved on a regular Saturday morning segment fielding questions from home brewers.

I'm hoping in a small way to educate people to the fact that beer isn't just swill.

I've been asked back again so that is a start.

Is this on Radio National? Or is it just local to SA?
It would be good if we could tune in from all over the country.

I hope it is on Saturday when I am in Adelaide , I am gunna ring up and ask what makes a real brewer !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Batz said:
I hope it is on Saturday when I am in Adelaide , I am gunna ring up and ask what makes a real brewer !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Don't mention the war, Batz :p
Johnno it is just South Australia and Broken Hill.
Here's hoping the Saturday slot comes off Steve, I'm not at work then and can listen to it. The last Saturday slot was really good - especially the bit where you read out my name :eek: , and Pedro's too of course ;) .
Yep good show yesterday, Steve. Very imformative and well presented.

In particular, I thought you showed remarkable restraint when it was necessary to mention the C-word (cascade). :)

Must be the Aluminium brew kettle .............. did I mention Cascade hops :)

hahaha onya batz wish i could be there to hear the answer.

congrats on the show steve.

big d
goat ,.i have a copy,send me your details and i will post you a copy if you want
Looking forward to tuning in while visiting "Sunny"? Adelaide

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