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3V PID controlled HERMS Stainless brewery for sale. Freebies with it.

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Hi All,
I am selling my 3V HERMS. I'm not going to have any free time to brew in the foreseeable future. But thats good news for me, not bad. Still, this is a strange feeling to be getting rid of something that I have used pretty much every fortnight for the last 5 years.

So, what I have for sale is a full stainless brewery, bar the transfer hoses.

I bought it here for $2500 more than 5 years ago. I've added bits and pieces to improve it, painted it pot belly black and added quick disconnects and camlocks for quick and easy cleaning and quick and easy chill methods. Would owe me more than $3000.

You can comfortably brew 60L of regular strength beer, or less of higher alcohol beer. Ive made 40L of 7.5% AIPA and easily could have made more. I always get 75% efficiency on normal beers. Previous owner made a 1.100 beer. Choices are pretty much limited to your tastes and style.

1. The HLT is a 50L keg with 10m of stainless coil for the HERMS and a 3600W element. The lid has a switchable motor built in to keep the liquid stirring so there are no hot/cold patches. All wrapped in Aeroflex to maintain precision temperature. Mashmaster analogue temperature gauge on the front and a PT100 digital thermometer in the back to run the PID for the HLT. There is a polycarbonate sight glass with volumes marked on the outside of the keg. Position of element and depth of stirrer are also marked.

2. The MT is a 50L keg, zero losses as the keg is inverted and drains under the false bottom. Under the false bottom is a stainless steel 'fly screen' which gets the fine particles, that can pass through a false bottom. It has a beer belly wort return dish for smooth vorlauf. Works a treat. The wort is absolutely stunning clear after a one hour mash. Again, wrapped in Aeroflex and keeps temp perfectly. The MT also has a PT100 digital thermometer running the PID which automatically controls the switching between heat or bypass.

The PID's are programmable to 0.1°C accuracy, although I use 0.2 either side of my target temps.

3. The boiler(s). One boiler is an 80L keg, the other is a 50L. There is a beerbelly hop screen and a wort return tube. You can use an immersion chiller if you like, to cool the wort post boil with the built in ball valves that connect to the hose. You can drain via the march pump into a plate chiller, or you can drain sttraight to a no-chill cube. The three options are all easily available on this rig as I have the quick disconnects and camlocks for fast switching between chiller routs or no-chill route.

4. The march pump has never missed a beat. Nothing else needs to be said about these. Just reliable.

5. The Italian Spiral burner is another upgrade I added. It belts in enough heat to easily handle a 70L preboil. Just be careful of boil overs at that volume!

6. Medium pressure LPG regulator plus I'll throw in free a gas bottle with whatever is left in it.

7. Other freebies. Fermentation fridge and a 30L fermenter.

This is a seriously good bit of kit. I've looked after it better than my car. Its been cleaned thoroughly after every brew. Nothing has ever let me down. I'm asking $2000 ono. Ask questions here or pm me. The photos are below and in the next post. Great rig for someone who loves brewing, not just pushing a button and coming back later. Great rig for someone looking to step it up from cans or FWK's. Dare I say it, even BIAB.


Rig with 80L boiler
image1 (4).JPG

With 50L boiler
image1 (11).JPG

Control panel
image1 (5).JPG
More pics

image1 (6).JPG

Mash Tun with false bottom and wort return
image1 (7).JPG

80L boiler with beerbelly hops screen and whirlpool return.
image1 (8).JPG

Showing the back of the tanks with the PT100 temp gauges for the HERMS PID's
image1 (10).JPG

Free gas bottle with med pressure reg
image1 (9).JPG

Free fridge. Contents for size aspect only. 30L fermenter is a freebie.
The free fermentation fridge. Works perfectly. No holes drilled in it. Good condition. Can be used as a second fridge if need be.

image1 (14).JPG

image1 (13).JPG

image1 (16).JPG

I am including a 30L fermenter with it.
If only I had a bigger garage.

That's a bloody good deal. I hope someone will give it a good home.
Nice rig.

I'm not in the market, but any chance of a shot from under your mash tun to show the drainage setup? Considering doing this myself.

Mr B said:
Nice rig.

I'm not in the market, but any chance of a shot from under your mash tun to show the drainage setup? Considering doing this myself.

Sure, but I wont be able to, until Saturday.
I should have mentioned I can deliver anywhere between Canberra, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Sydney for free.
Other areas by negotiation.

Was $2000ono. Now $1600

Is a bargain at $2000, now even better value.
A couple of Q's; 15 or 10 AMP, and rough dimensions - length and depth?
Hey guys. I'm away at the moment. Can't measure exactly. 15A. Guess of length at about 2m. Depth about 0.5m height at top of mash tun about 1.3m
Good to hear Mckenry. Hope you continue to brew in the near future and keep contributing on AHB. Even if it's just pics of your barware bling.

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