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3 vessel electric RIMS brewhouse

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Regretfully selling my custom-built 3 vessel single tier brewery due to downsizing.

Has served me well for years and produced many award-winning beers (including Vicbrew (statewide) Best of Show and AABC (national) Best of Show 2016.

Includes custom built control panel with PID switching of RIMS element, Crown HLT, Blichmann vessels with autosparge and hopblocker, Rimsrocket RIMS and plate chiller.

Everything is working perfectly bar a dodgy temp probe cable but you only need 2 and the third is a spare. Can probably be fixed with some basic wiring knowledge.

Requires single phase 32 Amp circuit; socket and circuit breaker included in sale, will require certified electrician to fit.

Full parts list:
Custom built stainless steel stand
Control panel with 32 Amp plug and socket
2x March 809 pumps with stainless cover
40L Crown urn Blichmann 57L mash tun with stepped mash screen and autosparge
Blichmann 72L electric boil kettle
Blichmann RIMS Rocket with mounting bracket
Various hoses and camlock connectors
Blichmann Therminator plate chiller
Mash paddle
Hop rocket parts for RIMS

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