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  1. B

    3 vessel electric RIMS brewhouse

    Regretfully selling my custom-built 3 vessel single tier brewery due to downsizing. Has served me well for years and produced many award-winning beers (including Vicbrew (statewide) Best of Show and AABC (national) Best of Show 2016. Includes custom built control panel with PID switching of...
  2. Vrtigo

    Upgrade to 2V system - pseudo brutus

    Hi AHBers, I am considering upgrading my system and would appreciate some input on my ideas. I am currently running a Birko BIAB setup with recirculation and temperature adjustment (including step mashing) via a Keg King Controller (thermowell into birko). I have been enjoying this setup...
  3. moonhead

    RIMS Tubes

    Sup AHB? So, I'm curious what's everyone using for RIMS tubes? I know of the Kegking one, and similar designs from the States (at various price points, with FX and shipping, ending up costing a pretty penny in dollarydoos). Are people building their own, if so out of what? I'm assuming PVC...