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  1. M

    Equipment For Sale Small Business Clearing Our Brew-Related Items (VIC)

    Hey All, my husband and I have been avid fermenters/brewers. We've since pivoted our start-up and no longer require a few items. I thought it might be beneficial if I post up items for sale in brew forums in the hope it might help ease the start-up cost for someone wanting to take their hobby to...
  2. Robsnewin

    Equipment For Sale Bar and biab brewery for sale. $2,000 neg

    I'm selling my bar and all brewing gear. Bar has 5 taps, 9 beer kegs and 1 line cleaner keg. So 95L on tap with 76L in reserve. Everything is in excellent working order. Brewery will come in pieces so you can make your own but I'm happy to explain how I had it working.  Bar 300L chest freezer...
  3. N

    [Gold Coast] For Sale: 4v electric HERMS and everything else!

    Hi Guys, First, reason for sale: I'm selling everything in my house with the view to be on the road travelling Australia by July 2021. This was meant to be a setup for life, but life changes :) Attached is a list of what's for sale, there might be other little bits and pieces but you'll have...
  4. B

    3 vessel electric RIMS brewhouse

    Regretfully selling my custom-built 3 vessel single tier brewery due to downsizing. Has served me well for years and produced many award-winning beers (including Vicbrew (statewide) Best of Show and AABC (national) Best of Show 2016. Includes custom built control panel with PID switching of...
  5. chrisluki

    For Sale Brewie B20: Fully Automated Brewing System

    Selling my B20, as my wife tells me that I don't need two Brewies!! Below is a picture of what is included in the box, mine is not brand new, has done maybe 20 brews, but is in excellent condition. I have the original box to ship it to anywhere in Australia (buyers cost), it is approx 40kg and...
  6. Jacko1234

    Startup Brewery

    Does anyone know it it is possible to get a wine/mead producing (wholesale only) license if you are brewing from a residential home? For example an indoor empty concreted space roughly 15m x 6m. Would be happy to spend money modifying the room if regulations required. As mead takes a long...
  7. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    I am sadly selling my HERMs brewery, which produces crystal clear wort, as I have down sized to producing smaller batches. Selling as a complete system only. Included in the sale: · Custom built 2 tier brew stand with natural gas Mongolian burner with regulator (never run out of gas during...
  8. S

    3V System

    Selling up as I don't have time to brew any more. Have been building this system over many years and several iterations. The control panel is 95% Complete and just needs to be tested and commissioned. It is setup to handle a 15A 3600w Element for the main boiler but this hasn't been installed...
  9. damof

    Brite/Bright Tank - Where?

    Hi guys, Recently got back into brewing earlier this year. After a very long hiatus. After dabbling in a few local markets and getting good feedback. Looking to step it up and offer my brews commercially. One thing that has got me stumped is where to get a decent brite/bright tank. So I am...
  10. jonocarroll

    Brewing fridges [Adelaide]

    Hi AHBers, long time no see. Also long time no brew for me, so these fridges are up for sale (plus one more once I unearth it from the depths of my shed). Westinghouse 221l Aurora Fridge Working condition, needs a clean. Has been used for homebrew (fits a standard fermenter or a corny keg)...
  11. RickyC

    Direct Fired 3V Brewery For Sale

    Reluctant sale due to moving overseas. Pics over on Gumtree here Brutus 10 style build. Practically brand new. Boil kettle – stainless steel, 71 litre volume, three 1” tri clover connections welded direct to vessel, tangential liquid input for whirlpooling. Mash tun – stainless steel, 71...
  12. The Punt

    Taking the next step...

    Hello, fellow homebrewers. I've been brewing all-grain 20L batches for a couple of years now, and i have been thinking about taking the next step and starting my own small-scale brewery. I am interested to hear if anyone else has made the transition from home-brewer to nano-brewer, and what the...
  13. P

    Full HERMS pilot system for sale

    Full HERMS homebrew pilot system. $3000 ONO HERMS recirc system with a stainless head pump (Chugger brand). Mash tun, insulated hot liquid vessel with fill indicator, temp controller and SS float cutoff, 381 litre fridge with temp controller and heat belt, all on a stainless steel workbench...
  14. BURGO817

    6 Consistant & favourite recipes of brewers.

    Gday AHB, Just wanted to find out what the top 6 all time favourite beers you all like to make are? If you dont mind, post your methods here. Id like to try them out. Cheers.
  15. titatata

    Happy Brewing!

    It's quite strange that I'm here but I found this site helpful for a friend's dream business. I'll check some topics and comments and might post some questions. :) I look forward to having good discussions with you. :)
  16. BURGO817

    Starting a new 1BBL brewhouse with intention to scale & distribute.

    Gday AHB, Ive recently left the ADF and am hoping to turn my hand at 'pro brewing'. Ive always home brewed off and on since high school and have made some pretty decent beers with my brother during those years etc. Friends, family, randoms and others also gave me genuine feedback, which was...