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Full HERMS pilot system for sale

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Full HERMS homebrew pilot system. $3000 ONO

HERMS recirc system with a stainless head pump (Chugger brand). Mash tun, insulated hot liquid vessel with fill indicator, temp controller and SS float cutoff, 381 litre fridge with temp controller and heat belt, all on a stainless steel workbench. Includes a powerful gas burner (221MJ/hr) for boiling (BYO gas bottle).

Also includes: Chiller plate, 5000ml conical flask, stir plate with magnet, 10 meters of silicon food grade hosing, all with American high flow camlock fittings for easy connect and disconnect. Includes 6 plastic fermenters of various sizes and spare taps, etc. Includes refractometer, hydrometer, water filter, mash paddles, 90l stainless steel brew pot with electro etched volume makers, stainless steel false bottom and stainless ball valves.

This system is a labour of love that four friends built together, and has a brew capacity of 50l.

Award winning wheat beer has been produced with this system, and it has been used to produce many hundreds of litres of excellent beer (including for two separate weddings). All equipment is in good working order, cleaned properly after every use and well maintained.

This would make a magnificent all grain brewing system for a homebrewer, or a great pilot/test system for a brewery.

Photos attached. We are happy to answer any questions, and show the buyer through the system.

Sold as a complete Kit.


System capable of 50 liters of Beer at up to 6% and of course less volume at higher percentage

Mash to Mash-out ramp time of 20mins

PID tuned for within 0.5 c of desired MASH temp

Fermentation Fridge controller within 1c of Temp

Pickup only from Seddon/Yarraville in Melbourne.


1 Inline brew pump with stainless head 26 LPM

1 Full set 1/2" High Flow SS316 cam lock fittings Made USA

1 90 litre 304 stainless steel pot

1 High Pressure LPG burner (221 MJ/hr)

1 STC1000 Fridge Temperature Controller

1 Heating belt 30 watts

1 Portable refractometer with SG

1 Hydrometer

1 30 plate heat exchanger

1 Conical Flask 5 litre

1 Dome stainless steel false bottom

4 Half inch bsb stainless ball valve

1 381 litre fridge

1 HLT 2.4 kilowatt heating element

3 30 litre plastic fermenters

3 60 liter plastic fermentor

1 Stainless steel mash paddle 76 cm

1 Wooden mash paddle

1 Custom PWM Magnetic Stir plate

1 1829 x 610 mm 304 Stainless Steel Work Bench

1 H.E.R.M-it HX Heat Exchange - 2.4kw

2 Stainless steel 50 liter kegs (H.L.T and MASH Tun)

1 Inline Carbon Water filter

1 Auber PID Controller 10amp for H.E.R.M.S

1 STC100 Temperature controller HLT

10 Meters 12.5 x 18.5 mm Food Grade - Silicon Hose

1 Set of USA made SS high Flow CamLock connectors


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Bump! Any questions feel free to ask And I am happy to take reasonable offers.


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Bump! I've spoken to the team, and we would take $2500 ono for the system. There is over $3700 worth of gear here, but our brewing days are done.

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