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Brewing fridges [Adelaide]

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by jonocarroll, 5/8/18.


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    Posted 5/8/18
    Hi AHBers, long time no see. Also long time no brew for me, so these fridges are up for sale (plus one more once I unearth it from the depths of my shed).

    Westinghouse 221l Aurora Fridge

    Working condition, needs a clean. Has been used for homebrew (fits a standard fermenter or a corny keg). Freezer compartment chills fast.
    Price: $50

    General Electric 310l Fridge

    Working condition. Has been used for homebrew (fits a standard fermenter or up to 3 corny kegs). Door panel replaced with board for extra room. Marker on exterior was whiteboard but needs isopropyl to remove now. I will try to remove.
    Price: $70

    I also have a three-tier frame, an Esky mashtun (with Beerbelly false bottom), and some miscellaneous equipment all up for sale.

    Pickup only, Hope Valley, Adelaide.
    Get in touch via Gumtree or AHB for more details.

    Hoppy Brewing!

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