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3V System

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Selling up as I don't have time to brew any more. Have been building this system over many years and several iterations. The control panel is 95% Complete and just needs to be tested and commissioned. It is setup to handle a 15A 3600w Element for the main boiler but this hasn't been installed yet. Check my other posts for more items. Also have a heap of bottles to go with the system. Not sure what its worth so Im open to offers.
Comes with two Pumps 240v and 12V, Rims and Counter flow wort chiller.
Located In Bathurst NSW.


  • 3V Brewery 2.jpg
    3V Brewery 2.jpg
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  • 3V Brewery 3.jpg
    3V Brewery 3.jpg
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  • 3V Brewery.jpg
    3V Brewery.jpg
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  • 3600W Element 2.jpg
    3600W Element 2.jpg
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  • 3600W Element.jpg
    3600W Element.jpg
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  • Brewery Control Panel 2.jpg
    Brewery Control Panel 2.jpg
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  • Brewery Control Pannel.jpg
    Brewery Control Pannel.jpg
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  • Counter Flow Wort Chiller.jpg
    Counter Flow Wort Chiller.jpg
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  • Pump Large 240v.jpg
    Pump Large 240v.jpg
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  • Pump Small 12V.jpg
    Pump Small 12V.jpg
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