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3 Door Orford Commercial Fridge For Sale ...

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  • Make: Orford
  • External Dimensions: 2000mm high x 1640mm wide x 710mm deep
  • Internal Dimensions 1300mm high x 1530mm wide x 600mm deep (approx 1.7m3)
  • Features: Internal circulating fans, 2x 1200mm flouro lights (upright in pillars between doors), on castors, thermostat, 6 shelves
  • Cabinet model: FN45A
  • Cabinet Serial #: 06981305
  • System model: 0022510
  • System Serial #: 06981305
  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz/Single Phase
  • Current: System Amps 3.65, Cabinet Amps 0.86 (Total 4.51)
  • Refrigerant: R134A, charge 620g

Asking price $1500.

Pictures attached. Pick Up Brisbane or arrange your own shipping.


Hmmm, if I had $1500, and the proper approvals :)ph34r:) I'd be on this like Oprah on a cupcake.... Alas, probably not. Would make an amazing fermenting fridge though!

Do glass door fridges suck a ridiculous amount of juice?
Do glass door fridges suck a ridiculous amount of juice?
they aren't as efficient as a solid door. I put blue matting on the inside and outsides of the doors on mine. The Ali door frames get cold too.
I have mine on the back verandah and put a power meter on it in hot weather - about $1 a day in 40 degree weather and a lot less in general.
the glass doors are two panes, I think the air gap helps insulate some of the loss. MM
Most commerical fridges are multi layer glass panels. They should have an air gap between them, and some are also temp powered between the doors. They don't use much more energy than a normal door. The airgaps are very good at temp control and cost reduction (as you would expect from something which is to be on 24/7).

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