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Gday all.
I am in the process of ordering a few 170L and 225L pots from China.
The 170L will end up being $214 Landed in Melbourne If I can get an order of 20 pots.
We will still have to Pay Import and GST on top what I Understand, this will Bring the prices up to approx $250 per pot.

the 225 Liter will end up costing approx $300 all up.

I can open this BB up to all people from the Docks in Melbourne Right up the freeway to Albury.
I will also offer some freight to 1 Single location in each capital city (ie Ship a pallet of pots to a single location for pickup by one person and they can distribute) for minimal cost.

Yet to Firm up details all details.
If you want in, Put you name down.

No more boil overs on quad batches!!
I'll go for a 170L dependent on freight to brisbane. Happy to be the delivery point for locals if there is enough interest.
Good timing!

I am looking for a 300 liter, if they can knock one up i am in!
Hey all. This BB will be cancelled, not enough interest in big pots I guess. the freight/import will be the killer.
Robbo, they can do a 300L, but it will be a special order.
Possibly interested in 3x 225's.
If your are not going ahead then nm.

However if you are i will need to wait until im back in sydney to measure my brew stand / need outside dimensions.
Im in for either 170 or 225 as long as it is not over 60cm high, otherwise my system wont work, What are the dimensions?
Hi Veiss.
Sorry for the late response.
The 170L pots were 60cm from memory and the 225's were 80cm.
We are not looking at getting the pots any more,.

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