11m Dx Radio Operators?

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I don't have a very powerful radio. We only share a small amount of sunshine this time of year. Soon It will be dark here at 16:30 my time...at that time it is only 07:30 on the East Coast of Australia. No possible contacts after then.

The conditions for skip lately have been outstanding. I would like to make make contact with Australia but the West Coast of North America and all those amplified radios are in between us.

2 CDX 069, operator Bob, Bravo Oscar Bravo, 18 watt President Washington CB Radio made in 1978, Astatic D104 with Tug-8 amplified base, 5/8 wave groundplane mounted appx 11M off the dirt, I am 285M over sea level, 80KM North of Minneapolis
Beautiful old radio.use to run SSB back in my younger days
I had a partial contact with a 798. I believe in Queensland. Not sure. Conditions were weak. I was on 27.365 LSB

I'll give it a mild "HooRah"

I tried 27.355 USB but it was either weak or busy
I am operating with the call sign 2/NF/1079 now. I mostly operate on 27385 LSB. Should I also monitor 27365 USB?

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