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  1. A

    Some queries re BIAB from a newbie

    Hi All, I am new to all grain brewing, having tried extract previously. I am dipping my toe into BIAB while I get my bearings. Just a couple of questions from my first brew: The recipe I used from Grain and Grape, is for a 20 litre brew, with a start volume of 27 litres. My fermenter volume...
  2. danielbourhill

    Wanted - used kettle

    Just getting started with brew in a bag and am looking for a kettle, approx 30L. Must have b-valve. I’m OK if it’s a bit bashed around/has cosmetic damage as long as it’s in full working order. If you have any complementary kit let me know as I might be interested. Happy to collect from...
  3. H

    Explain it to me simply please

    Hi there . I am a new brewer in the Upper Hunter NSW. I have just bough some gear to BIAB and to tell you the truth im green and keen on the subject. I have done malt extract before and wanted to make the step up and had a few general queries i thought some old hands could give to me simply...
  4. N

    First go at BIAB and some questions

    Hi Guys, Ive just gotten back into brewing beer (been mucking around with meads for a few years). I have recently stuck a G&G US IPA FWK into the fermenter with Wyeast 1056. Planning on dry hopping with 80g of citra tomorrow if the ferment has really slowed down. Given 1056 was not a cheap...
  5. L

    Malt help

    So i have a heap of spare grains i want to use up. I have these malts left 3.5kg Castle Pale Ale Malt 0.4kg Caramunich II 1kg BB Medium Crystal 0.7kg Victory I would love to put them all together and see what it ends up being but i would think it would be something of a biscuity, bready...
  6. cooperoxide

    Birko hot water urn 40L litres - commercial / homebrewing BIAB

    Hi there AHB people, 40L Birko hot water urn - great condition listed on Ebay Safe and reliable portable hot water urn/boiler. Used for both boiling water and for one home brew batch. No odour or smell. Minor scale which can be removed with a quick boil with citric acid or vinegar. In...
  7. N

    Newbie question Do you need dextrose

    Hi, I have brewed from a can for a few years and am now trying BIAB. I grabbed a recipe from a site to try and it tells me what to do when creating my wort but when it comes to fermenting all it says is what yeast to use and when to dry hop. I would have thought you would ferment with...
  8. S

    BIAB flat bottles?

    Hello All, I am trying to understand why when I do BIAB's, it seems that the bottle conditioning is failing. With slightly odd flavours and most bottles not having any bubbles or head! I have done the same recipe on my father in laws normal kit (giant stainless pot, burner, esky mash tun) into...
  9. wyldstalyans

    G'day from sunny Melbourne

    Hi all, I've been brewing kits for a few years but now wanna get into all grain to really learn this fantastic craft. Time, space and $$ are an issue for me so will be doing mainly small batch BIAB. Cheers, Anthony
  10. L

    BIAB system for sale

    FOR SALE: Complete BIAB system used 12 times. Includes: Keggle 1/2 inch ball valve Heavy Duty LPG burner Digital temperature sensor with alarm Grain bag with Velcro belt Insulating cover & lid with Velcro belts Long stirring spoon Silicon hose for wort transfer $299 the lot (cost over $400) This...
  11. S

    Brew In a Bag Demonstration

    Cannon Hill Brewing is putting on a BIAB Demo this Saturday (5th of May) from 12pm. It's only $5 with a capacity of only 30 people, so if you're in the Brisbane area and interested you should get in quick. Tickets on Eventbrite...
  12. Drover's dog

    Precipitous learning curve...

    I’m new to this brewing caper and not in the least bit apologetic to admit to it… I’ll give you a quick run-down on my yet to be tested system then ask the underlying reason for my post. 40 Litre Electric Nano BIAB pot Grainfather Pro fermenter Magnetic stirrer and associated stuff and a couple...
  13. N

    selling homebrew BIAB Kit @ 50%, used twice

    Hi brewers, selling my BIAB kit for Au. $100 (all items already @ 50% off) for pickup from Kingsford. Used literally twice (image below) with the following items - Therm strip - 2 x 5L glass Demijohns - 2 Fliptop stoppers for Demijohns - 2 Bored bungs - 2 Airlocks - Bottle brush - 12...
  14. B


    Caught up with an old brewing friend who lives in Darwin. He told me of a BIABer up there who spilled the whole boiling kettle on himself, spending 3 weeks in hospital with 3rd degree burns. An injury like that will lead to a lifetime of disability. This has given me a hell of a pause for...
  15. Hez

    BIAB Saison

    Hi! After a lot of reading and studying I made up this recipe for a Belgian-saison-style beer and I have a million questions, as usual. Light colour, dry and a little hoppy. Mostly pilsner with a little bit of caramunich for colour and flavour. East Kent hops ("floral, lavender, spice, honey...
  16. B

    BIAB mathematical relationship between mash efficiency and L:G ratio

    Having recently discovered maxiBIAB, it occurs to me that the potential yield of a BIAB system can be expressed in terms of: Pot size in L Grain yield potential in points per kilo per litre Mash efficiency Liquor-to-grist ratio OG required This would yield a number of litres that can be...
  17. B

    Make 30L by BIAB in 35L pot - can it be done?

    My mate and I have been BIABing with his 35L pot and getting on quite well. I have a crap-load of fermenters and a temp-controlled cupboard that can hold 2 ferms at a time, so the 18L length constraint most software places on this 35L pot has been chapping my thighs a bit. There's a few hours...
  18. NzBrewerMatt

    Airlock vs Blow Off Tube (Limited Space)

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a fridge for fermentation and rigged it up with a temp controller. I'm also trying to fit two 30L fermenters in the fridge, one above the other. One is plastic, the other is stainless steel. The only thing I'm currently struggling with is space. I didn't really...
  19. Yuz

    BIAB / partial mash Esky conversion

    I'm hoping to locate a suitable tap/ball valve assembly with long enough stem for fitting to an Esky. I have my doubts about those "weldless" eBay offerings because they seem to be more for a stock pot conversion and don't have much faith in these very ordinary things... Any guidance on this...
  20. Hez

    BIAB American Amber Ale

    Hi, For my next beer I want to make an American style Amber Ale. I've been reading and studying as usual... American Amber: Style Profile: American Amber Ale Recipes and Beer Style: