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    Council Pick Ups

    Whenever I get new furniture I just put the old stuff out the front and its gone within a few hours. I had an old fridge and oven to get rid of the other day and rang a bloke that had an advert on the gumtree website. He was there in less than an hour. I've seen him driving around before...
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    It's Apple Season

    Apples store fine in the fridge. How did you make your cider? I made a big batch a few years ago from apples and pear. I boiled it, cooled it and fermented it with reclutured Coopers yeast. It came out fairly dry and made you wobbly really quick.
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    Lack Of Gas In Glass Out Of Keg System

    The length of the line has nothing to do with gas coming out of dilution. If you have gas coming out of dilution in the line the pressure is either too low or the beer is gassed higher than the current pouring pressure.
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    Fermenting Fridge Or Freezer

    I ferment in a 50L stainless fermenter inside a chest freezer. The chest freezer is on wheels. I put the fermenter in empty and fill it while its in the freezer and when im done i rack out of it into 2 kegs and then its empty when I lift it out, so I never have to lift a full 50l fermenter.
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    Keggle Tap Drill Bit

    Sounds like you need to go back to the hardware shop and buy a reduced shank 15mm drill bit. Or if your keen use your biggest bit and file it out to the size that you need.
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    .02 Bac Proposal

    By lowering it to 0.02 it will only increase the revenue for the government. It wont stop people who drive home from their local drunk. In my previous job we were randomly breathtested and it wasnt very hard to get a reading in the morning if you had a late night and were working an early...
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    Has Lcpa Changed?

    Have a read of this thread:
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    Andale Taps

    Ive been using Andale taps for 5 years, started out with the ek type then florytes. I bought some micromatics on ebay but they felt cheap and they got sticky all the time because they are rear sealing. My recommendation is forward sealing taps for home use.
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    Andale Taps

    What tap is an upgrade from a Floryte?
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    Where To Buy Shank To Fit Lancer Tap Through Fridge Door?
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    Kegerator Blowout

    The problem that I can see in your photo is that your using vinyl line. This is not beer line. Go to your home brew shop and buy some beer line. 3 metres of 5mm ID per tap. Proper beer line is made from a hard plastic and will stick onto the barbs even without a clamp.
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    Where Does Everyone Get Their Beer Glasses From?

    Andale is the cheapest that ive found.
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    Problems With Gassing My Keg

    What is the ID size of your beer line, the length of it and your pouring pressure?
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    Ebay 2 Tap Font

    I would've though these taps are a down grade from a EK swing tap. I bought some rear sealing taps from ebay and sold them as they get sticky, so I got rid of them and bought some florytes.
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    Acetlyene - I've Run Out

    The easiest way out is to go to Air Liquide and hire another acetylene cylinder on a monthly account. After a week or two return your empty one and presto. You have a full cylinder and only have to pay a months rent. Hope this helps.